Why Are People Throwing Cheese On Babies?

People all over social media are participating in the ‘cheesed challenge’ – where individuals film themselves hurling slices of cheese at babies’ faces.

The challenge started on Thursday after a Twitter user got a video from Facebook and said: ‘Just cheesed my lil brother.’

He clarified later that the baby wasn’t his brother and that he had deleted the post.

Apparently, he had simply shared a funny video he had seen on Facebook, but it went viral and news media were all over his DM.

“i did not expect it to get onto these news articles and to turn into a trend” he wrote.

So by the time it was deleted, it was too late.

There were mixed reactions among the babies. Some were shocked while others laughed. Luckily, people have resorted to using soft sliced cheese rather than a large brick of Parmigiano-Reggiano.

One can ponder why with the internet being arguably the greatest tool in the history of mankind, people throwing cheese on babies is what goes viral.

People are cheesy.


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