Google Takes Steps To Warn Users About Lookalike URLs

Chrome’s Omnibox is the search bar at the top of the Chrome browser. Chrome for Android is now testing new omnibox features with simplified site identification and buttons for copying and sharing URLs.

This update, first spotted by Android Police, will hide the URL by default on the search bar. when the omnibox is tapped, you will be able to see the current page URL underneath with buttons to edit, share, or copy it.

Originally when viewing a webpage and tapped the search icon, the current URL was highlighted in blue and suggestions were placed below it. To copy the URL, you’d need to hold on it to get the copy option. This update is arguably slightly quicker.

Chrome is also looking at possibly ending the display of URLs all together with a replacement of a site verification system, so you know you’re on “YouTube” and not something like “YouTubbe” or other slightly changed URLs that could be scam sites. This scam strategy by malicious parties is called a “homograph attack.”

Considering hardly anyone searches for websites by typing in their exact URL, many could be fine with a lack of a visible URL by default in the browser.


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