Yik Yak Is Being Weird On Twitter

Yik Yak was a social media app that launched in 2013. It allowed people to post and view discussion threads anonymously within your area. People thought of it as an online community board.

All users had the ability to vote up or down (hit like or dislike) on posts (“Yaks”). It quickly spread over colleges.

However, due to its anonymous nature, and trolls being rampant, it quickly became known for bullying and threats. They quickly lost money in 2016, and ended their platform. This was also around the time they stopped posting to Twitter:

Then, last week, this happened:

Followers freaked out:

As of today there have now been several new tweets from the platform.

Some seem to think it’s a troll hacker:

Is it a sign of a resurgence? Who’s even posting? So many questions and no answers from the platform everyone thought was dead.

The creators have been off doing their own thing since Yik Yak but who knows.


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