Houseparty Adds ‘Heads Up’ For New Revenue Stream

Houseparty is the “face-to-face” social network that allows group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps. Unlike traditional video call apps, Houseparty sends a notification when one of your contacts opens the app. Once on the app, they are encouraged to join video chat with a friend who also has the app open.

After Facebook’s controversial methods of making money came to light in 2018, Houseparty is trying out a different method of gaining revenue from users by selling game services.

For years, Houseparty has lived off investments. Last Thursday, they announced that the popular mobile game Heads Up! will now be available inside Houseparty’s app. This charades-like mobile game was created by Ellen DeGeneres and Warner Bros.

Heads Up! has already shown its success, despite paying for its features. Users can buy additional decks, beginning at $0.99 apiece, with Houseparty and The Ellen Degeneres Show sharing the revenue.


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