Facebook Launches “Community Actions” – A Petition Feature

Facebook’s petition feature, called Community Actions, will launch in the US today. This tool lets users post and sign online petitions in their news feed.

It’s been testing this petition feature for several weeks in a couple of markets, TechCrunch reported.

In years past, Facebook created community-focused features like Candidate Info and Town Hall meant to increase engagement with local government.

Users can tag applicable public officials or organizations, and get support from their Facebook friends. Supporters for petitions can discuss causes with fellow supporters on the page, and can create events and fundraisers around the cause. Supporters can of course also share the petition among their own friends on their feeds.

Because of the platform’s focus on government petitions, this shouldn’t immediately replace petitions, which have a large range of causes.

A big question in the age of increased moderation on the platform is how Facebook will decide what an appropriate “Community Action” is and what is an inappropriate discriminatory campaign. Facebook is employing a mix of A.I. and human moderators for this task. Much like the complaints about Twitter’s free speech violations, this could be new controversial territory for Facebook.


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