Social Media’s 10-Year Challenge (Think Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday)

New year, new memes.

Like Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, the 10-Year challenge takes a look back through the tool of social media.

The social media trend has been called the #10YearChallenge or #2009vs2019. The meme is a side-by-side of yourself from ten years ago (2009) adjacent to a recent image of yourself in 2019.

Some people seem to not have aged a day, others seem like entirely new people.

While many social media users are posting images of themselves, some others took a more entertaining approach:



Of course you can always keep it real with a genuine 2009 picture alongside a 2019 picture showing your metamorphosis.

Or just, not participate at all, since these photos are presumably already on your social media if someone does a little backtracking through your account.


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