An Egg Is Instagram’s New Celebrity

It’s just an egg.

Literally, it’s a picture of an egg.

Here’s the egg:

This egg currently has more than 26 million likes. 26 million. That’s 26 million accounts liking a picture of an egg. No it’s not supposed to make sense.

Do we know the egg’s gender? Does it have a gender? Is it the tan? The freckles? The poise?

This picture of a slightly-tanned egg has beaten the record of most-liked Instagram post from Kylie Jenner. She posted to Instagram on February 6, 2018 about her newborn baby which became the highest liked post at slightly over 18 million likes.

But then came the egg on January 4th, 2019. In just a few days it’s now surpassed Kylie Jenner. In response, she posted a video of herself cracking an egg, writing, “Take that, little egg”.

This is not the first account built with the sole purpose of upstaging some internet celebrity. On Twitter, the account @HalfOnionInABag was built with the sole purpose of gaining more followers than Trump.

This egg is certainly all it’s cracked up to be, whisking away the record like that. It’s gonna be hard to beat. That’s no yolk. (I’ll stop).



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